Memory Lane Monday 25/08/14

by - 10:01

Hey everyone so today I am doing Memory Lane Monday for the Book...

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

1) You've got five words, describe this book:

a) Beware of the main character...? (Does that count)

2)Pick a quote, any quote from the book.

a) God only gives us things we can handle

3) Hit, miss or Meh

a) Meh, because it was turned into a movie but they stopped and did not continue making the adaptation of the second book. Also the second book is less liked than this one.

4) Best Quality or Worst Quality

a) I'd have to say worst because the idea and story could have been executed so much better and it had so much more potential.

5) Most memorable character?

a) Link because he was the funniest and in my opinion best character.

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