Review Policy

  • Young adult of any genre
  • New Adult 
  • Physical copies
These are the types of book I will accept.

I love to review books for authors and promote books so if you wish to contact me to review your book please contact me by email here (

I do not expect to be paid to review your book, I only expect to be provided with a copy so that I can read and review it.

Some stats about my blog:

I get on around 200-1000+ views per post and around 5,000+ page views a month

Here are the kinds of book I will NOT accept:

  • Adult books
  • Erotica
  • Religious novels
  • Political novels
  • Books in any language other than English

I will also not accept books that are not the first book in a series that I have not yet read. If you still want me to review a book that is not the first book in the series, I will not buy the other books myself. If I have already read the other books in the series then I will most likely accept your book.

I do not accept eBooks unless it is a highly popular or anticipated book.

If I do accept your book, you can expect a review within 3 months (depending on the books release date) and all my reviews are honest and I will not review books if I have been asked to give it a high rating. I will share the review on social media (primarily twitter) and the book will be featured on my other blog features.

If you wish to contact me about getting the word out about you book, I am willing to do...

  • Interviews
  • Guest Posts
  • Blog Tours
  • Giveaways
  • Cover reveals
  • Book Blitz
You can contact me also through my Twitter but if you are looking for a review please only email me.

If you have any questions at all about my reviews or if you have a book you want me to review, please contact me on my email as stated above. If your book corresponds to anything on my 'Will not accept list' then your email will be ignored but if it is acceptable then I will get back to you.


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