New Blog Schedule!

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So as I promised I will be doing a blog post a week and in order to keep on top of all the posts I have made a schedule that I will follow with a different post type a day. Some days there will be more than one post published if there is something specific I want to talk about as well as the promised post. Anyway, this is what my blogging schedule looks like from now on:

Memory Lane Monday - Answer these 5 questions about a book in the past:

1)You’ve got 5 words, describe the book.
2)Pick a quote, any quote from the book.
3)Hit, miss or Meh?
4)Best quality or Worst Quality
5)Most memorable character.

Tag Tuesday - Do a book tag.

Wednesday -
 Do the top 5 wednesday for that week.

Do your book boyfriend of the week - where you state your favourite male character of a book you read that week.

Friday - 
Do a review for a book you recently read.

Crush Cover - Your favourite cover that you've seen this week or just a way to share some beautiful covers!


Stacking the shelves - Tell us about the books/book swag you received this week.

So I hope I can keep to this plan and see you tomorrow!

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