Top 5 Wednesday 27/08/14 - Top Book Spines.

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Hey everyone it's Lily and today I am going to do this weeks top 5 wednesday which is to pick your favourite book spines! So here they are!

(I could not get photo's of the spines of these books but I will still list them!)

5. The spine of Divergent (american edition) I just love the colours and its so beautiful and shiny!
4. The spine of Cinder because its shiny and the lettering is amazing!
3. The Spine of Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo because it matches the cover and is a beautiful dark red and some gold lettering!
2. The spine of Isla and the Happily Ever After because I love the color and the rose looks so good on there!

And finally no.1 is...

The spine of the english addition of the hardback half bad by Sally Green! Its such a lovely shiny silver spine with white lettering!

So those are my answers for this weeks top 5 wednesday!

See you next week,

Lily x

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