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Hey everyone! So today I have started something new that I have decided to do on my blog every so often and this is called Blogger to Blogger and this will be me telling you other bloggers or book lovers etc tips and things i've learnt whilst being a new book blogger. I will not be telling you things like how to become a popular blogger or how to get your blog noticed because I am not a big blogger and I am relatively new at blogging but here goes!

So today I am talking about a website that I have been loving so so much this past month and that is Netgalley!

Netgalley is an amazing website and in order to join this website and be eligible is to be a book blogger, goodreads / amazon reviewer or booktuber and this website gives you the opportunity to get your hands on ARCS!

They have hundreds of titles on their website and all you have to do is make sure your profile is complete (by this they will tell you when you start your account but you have to make a bio, upload a photo and give links to your blog and maybe goodreads or something) and if you've done that you can browse their titles and pick one you'd like to request!

When you find a title there should be a 'request' button and they shall get back to you at some point if you get accepted for it. The books are available for a certain amount of time and if you get accepted for one of the books then you can either send it to your kindle or other device through an app!

All they ask you to do in return is review it (That's why its for bloggers, goodreads or amazon reviewers and boktubers). You could write a review on your blog or somewhere and then copy and paste it onto the website with a rating! And that's it! You keep the book forever after that!

I love netgalley and I have requested (and been accepted) for so many awesome titles and I hope all of you can find some books you want from netgalley!

Happy reading!

Lily x

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