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Hey everyone! So for this weeks Tag Tuesday I am going to be doing the social media book tag and I've been waiting for so long to do this tag and I'm super excited so let's go!

1) Twitter, your favourite shortest book?

A) I think my shortest favourite book is We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. Even though this book isn't that short (225 pages) it is the shortest book of my favourites.

2) Facebook, A book you felt pressured into reading?

A) I'm going to say The Maze Runner by James Dashner. Not because it was so hyped up and popular but because the movie was coming out and I wanted to read it before the movie came out so I felt pressured to read it especially because I didn't really want to...

3) Tumblr, pick a book that you read before it was cool?

A) I am going to say The Fault in our Stars because although I didn't read it around the release date, I read it before we knew about the movie and before it came the number one teen fiction / YA book.

4) Myspace, A book you can't remember whether you liked it or not?

A) I'm going to say Gone by Michael Grant, I read this a few years ago but I was rushing through it so quickly because I wanted to read Insurgent so I can't really remember if I enjoyed it or if I thought it was good.

5) Instagram, A book you thought was so beautiful (cover wise) that you had to Instagram it?

A) I am going to say my English addition of my hardback 'Half Bad' by Sally Green. It's silver with a face made of blood on it and it also has a little 'signed by the author' sticker on it so bonus points for Half Bad!

6) Youtube, Pick a book that you wish would be turned into a movie?

A) I would say Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout because I think it would be really good as a movie because I think it could be easily visualised because Jennifer is very good at making things easier to see.

7) Goodreads, A book you would recommend to everyone?

A) Again I would have to say Obsidian because even if you only barely liked it you will still be entertained by it and you will love the main character and the love interest because you just can't stop yourself!

So that was the Social Media book tag I hope you all enjoyed it and I will see you next week with another Tag Tuesday!

Happy reading!

Lily x

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