Memory Lane Monday 27/10/14

by - 10:04

Hello everyone! So today I am doing another Memory Lane Monday! This week for MLM I am going to be featuring the book...

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

So let's go!

1) You've got five words, describe the book.

a) A paranormal, gripping book (only 4 but that still counts right?)

2) Pick a quote, any quote from the book.

a) Thinking something does not make it true, wanting something does not make it real.

3) Hit, miss or meh?

a) HIT HIT HIT! I love this book so much it's one of my favourite and I cannot wait for this third and final book! I recommend this to everyone!

4) Best Quality or Worst Quality.

a) Best! This book is so good and it lives up to the potential because the plot is so strong and it's just so good!

5) Most memorable character?

a) Mara Dyer...duh

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