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Before you skip this post because it's not book related please keep reading

So I am quite nervous about this post because I don't want this to fail and make me look stupid but I'm here to tell you guys that I have people reading my blog from America, France, Poland, Germany, Australia, Philippines, Canada, Qatar as well as people from the UK. But I've realised that you guys don't comment. You don't have to obviously I'm not trying to force you but I want to know more about you or if my post was good or if you have any opinions on anything that I've said. 

I have this amazing load of people reading my blog from so many places around the world and I want to connect with you. I am worried about this post because I'm scared that no one will comment and I'll look like a loser but if you do want to comment then please comment whatever you want as well as maybe your twitter, instagram or blog so I can connect with you.

So thank you for those who did not skip this post and I promise that this is not my post for the day and I have already uploaded my NYC book haul today so you have that to read as well! So thanks for reading and I'll hopefully see you guys in the comments sometime soon!

Happy Reading!

Lily x

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