Book Boyfriend of the Week! 18/13/14

by - 11:07

Hey guys so it's that time of week again when I tell you who my book boyfriend is this week and if you do not know what this is all I do is tell you my book boyfriend I have chosen from a book I've been reading this week! So this week my Book Boyfriend is...

Zayne from Stone Cold Touch

I was originally going to pick Roth but I chose him a few weeks ago when I was reading White Hot Kiss but at the moment in this book (warning I am only 93 pages in) Roth is not being the greatest so I've really been liking Zayne. He really cares for Layla and It's starting to show just how much he likes her and the moments they spend together are super cute and I love reading about them together!

I do ship Layla and Roth more but I think it may be a close call between Roth and Zayne at the end.

So thats all for this weeks Book Boyfriend! I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you again next week!

Happy Reading!
Lily x

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