Mini Review: Every Ugly Word

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Title: Every Ugly Word
Author: Aimee L Salter
Publisher: Alloy Entertainment
Page Count: 257

Goodreads Synopsis:

When seventeen-year-old Ashley Watson walks through the halls of her high school bullies taunt and shove her. She can’t go a day without fighting with her mother. And no matter how hard she tries, she can’t make her best friend, Matt, fall in love with her. But Ashley also has something no one else does: a literal glimpse into the future. When Ashley looks into the mirror, she can see her twenty-three-year-old self.

Her older self has been through it all already—she endured the bullying, survived the heartbreak, and heard every ugly word her classmates threw at her. But her older self is also keeping a dark secret: Something terrible is about to happen to Ashley. Something that will change her life forever. Something even her older self is powerless to stop.

I have talked about this book on my blog before, I read it 3/4 months ago and I really enjoyed this book. It clearly had it's faults, sometimes it can seem Cliché and a bit far fetched but this book explores what I'd call the more interesting side of bullying stories, how much of the bullying is actually your fault and in your mind.

This book does have a relationship but it is twisted and bumpy. I connected to the main character not because I'd gone through anything close to what she had but because it was so easy to sympathise with the characters in this book and if you read this you will constantly be putting yourself in her shoes and feeling the worry that you think she is feeling as you go through this story.

Magical realism takes a role in this book and there is a twist that uses this towards the end of the book. You cannot tell whether the things that the main protagonist is seeing is real or just her imagination and when the book is finished you are still wondering that but in a good way because this book does wrap up nicely.

Overall I enjoyed this book, mainly because I focused on the story and the characters of this book not the reality of it and I think that if you were to read this book, that would be the best way about it but I gave this book 5/5 stars.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I have persuaded you to read this book and I'll see you again next time!

Happy Reading!

Lily x

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