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So I'm pretty sure that we're all the same here, but I LOVE book covers. Before I started to get into the YA genre, I didn't care much for the way my books looked and what edition I had them in but now I have to have the hardback pretty version or I will regret everything.

So as you can tell book covers mean a lot to me and even though this sound extremely shallow, I think having a better book cover draws me to read the book more and makes me enjoy the book more!

Because I love book covers I have decided to show some of my favourite book covers from books that have already come out and some from books that are coming out soon! So here goes!

WARNING: Contains book porn

Books already out:

Books coming out soon:

So those are all the covers that I ADORE! I hope you guys enjoyed this BEAUTIFUL post and please comment some of your favourite covers! I'll see you again soon!

Happy Reading!

Lily x

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  1. I’m not sure on my particular favourite covers, though there are some Gorgeous ones for His Dark Materials, but these are very nice. I try (trytrytry) not to judge a book on it’s cover, because the author has very little say in the cover and it’s not their fault if they’ve got a beautiful work of art and it gets landed with a dodgy cover, but I can’t help it sometimes. I adore the beautiful covers, especially when they have some really nice typography with them. Then it’s basically all hail the glory in a cover.
    I have a strange relationship with the Throne of Glass Covers, apart from the fact that each copy of each book in the series I own has been damaged, somehow, apart from Assassin’s Blade (I think)- I don’t overly like the covers, but I think they’re right for the books. Perhaps they’re growing on me. That edition of My True Love Gave to Me is so, so nice! Also, didn’t know Carrie Hope Fletcher had a book coming out. Interesting.
    Nice to meet you, Lily- I’m Romi! You picked some lovely covers! Xx

    1. Nice to meet you Romi! I feel the same way about book covers even though I have bought ones just for the cover before! But my favourite book ever had a pretty bad cover so I've tried to be better. I am not absolutely in love with the Throne of Glass covers but I do really like them especially the UK ones and as for My True Love Gave To Me, that looks good in all editions!

      Carries book is coming out in April and I am beyond excited because shes doing a book tour in the UK!

  2. yes! you've got a GREAT selection of covers! I can't wait for The Heir!!!!


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