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Everyone has a way they rate books whether it be by giving them a mark out of ten, giving them a percentage of by rating them out of five stars which seems to be the most common way.

I use the five star way of rating but each of my ratings mean something different, for example, I may give a book three stars but it may not mean I thought it was okay, may it meant I liked it but it had quite a few issues.

So here are my ratings and what they mean:

5 stars-
I loved this book and found it faultless

4.5 stars-
I loved this book but it had a few faults.

4 stars-
I really liked this book and only found a few faults

3.5 stars-
I liked this book but it had many faults

3 stars-
This book was okay.

2.5 stars-
This book was okay but it had very many faults

2 stars-
I did not like this book.

1.5 stars-
I did not like this book, it had many faults

1 star-

So this is how I rate my books! Obviously DNF means did not finish but in my reviews I will mention why.

So that's all for this post! I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you later!

Happy Reading!
Lily x


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