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This week I was tagged by the girls over at Novel Ink to do the Unpopular Opinions Tag! I am so excited to answer these questions so thank you girls for tagging me! Here we gooo....

A Popular Book or Series That You Didn't Like

I could not STAND this book! I have not read the second book so I guess this only half courts but I could not stomach this book! I ended up quitting it after a while which I really didn't want to do because I'd heard so many amazing things about this book but I could not do it! 

A Popular Book or Series that Everyone Hates That You Love

Granted, I did not like the ending of this book but I still really enjoyed this book! I do not remember much of my feelings about this book as I read it a while ago but I remember people saying that the end of this book ruined it for them but I did not think that at all.

Love Triangle Where the MC End Up With the Character you didn't want them to

Need I say anymore?

A Popular Genre You Hardly Reach For

Historical Fiction

I haven't read many Historical Fiction books but I don't see myself wanting to! Maybe It's just because I haven't tried to read them but at the moment I hardly reach for them and I'm fine with that!

A Popular or Beloved Character that you Didn't Like

I'm sorry!!!!! I just didn't like Finch in this book! Violet was okay but I didn't really like Finch. It's not that I hated him or didn't understand why he acted the way he did but I just didn't love him as much as everyone else seemed to.

A Popular Author That you Can't Seem To Get Into

I've tried to read Patrick Ness before but I have never been able to get into his books which is really sad because I've heard such great things but my experience with him so far has led me to stop trying his books so hopefully one day I will get back into it and try another one of his books.

A Popular Book Trope that You're Tired of Seeing

Insta Love! Stealing Christy's answer but I am just tired of it! When books have a romance, one of my favourite parts of it is seeing it develop, especially if it develops from two enemies or two people who only tolerate each other, but insta-love ruins all of that!

A Popular Series That You Have No Interest In Reading

I am in no way interested in this book and the only reason I own a copy is because I went to a signing with the author. When I first bought this book I was semi excited for it but my excitement has just wavered off and I no longer care for this book or series.

Show/Movie Adaptation That You Liked Better than the Book

I liked the movie of this book so much more than the book itself and that is half because the book was just so much faster and way more action packed and half because Dylan O'Brien...What can I say?

That's all for this tag! Thank you again to the girls at Novel Ink! 

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  1. Insta-love = YUCK, so unbelievable. I have no interest in reading Blood Red Road either, I have a copy for some reason but it will never be read by me haha. Great answers, Lily!

    1. I'm only keeping my copy because it's signed! Thanks Christy!

  2. I didn't really like the Maze Runner so I dragged my feet when the movie came out and now I have no idea if I would've liked it better.. I guess I should get on that :) Great post and I have to say it for the diehard history lover in me: you need to give history a go. Try Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers as it's not too focused on the history aspect.


    1. I have to say that if you liked the movie it may be best if you just leave the book because it may (or may not you never know) change your view on it! I've heard some great things about Grave Mercy!!! Really need to get to it and get out of my Historical Fiction 'slump'.

  3. I actually liked Finn. In another life, maybe not but I related to him so much, it scared me. I tried reading Delirium...okay, to be honest I started the book and was excited then got spoiled so I put it down :/ I agree on the insta-love thing!! I hate it so much ugh!! It needs to be stopped asap! Um, let's see. The Maze Runner: I loved the movie. I started the book but...bleh. I seriously couldn't get into it. I was falling asleep in page 2.... That's bad.. And I agree on that historical fiction thing (goodness, this comment is long) unless it's The Infernal Devices...that counts, right?

    1. I can see why people liked him and it just didn't do it for me! I'm afraid I might sound insensitive but I just didn't like him all that much! If I'm honest, the whole reason that Delirium was good for me was because of the big thing that happens at the end of it so getting spoiled would kind of ruin the whole book! Insta-love is the death of me!!!!!! And about the Infernal Devices, I wouldn't know!!! I haven't read them yet (I know I'm an awful person)!

  4. Dylan O'Brien is a perfectly reasonable answer for, like, most questions BUT YUUUUS IN THE MAZE RUNNER. *flails* Although I love that book so so much, but the movie just made the experience completely golden. :')
    Ahhhh, I think Patrick Ness CAN be an acquired taste?! He's definitely not a blunt author. I totally have no idea what the point of More Than This was but somehow I still loved it!
    I want to read Blood Red Road but ergh, I've heard that it's really HARd to read because of all the slang and tbh? I've sent it back to the library unread like twice. So who knows when that'll happen. :O

    1. I liked The Maze Runner but the movie!!!!! I don't know how I feel about Patrick Ness but I will try at some point one of his books! The writing in Blood Red Road looked really weird when I glanced at it and I'm too lazy to decipher what she's saying!

  5. I liked both of the Maze Runner movie and book! I have read Blood Red Road and liked it fairly enough, even though it was hard to get into the writing style. But I never went back and um, read the second and third books. I guess I should do that at some point :P I think that I like the sound of this tag. A popular author I can't quite get into yet (don't hate me!) is J.K. Rowling.

    1. If I'm honest I feel the same way about J.K.Rowling! I don't think I'm ever going to read The Dust Lands series but if you do tell me how it goes!


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