Discussion: What do you Find is the Most Effective way of Getting out of a Reading Slump?

For years now book lovers and the like have been battling with the insufferable reading slump from time to time but a lucky few manage to escape from these reading slumps effectively. I, unfortunately am not one of these people.

I find it really hard to get back into reading when I'm in a slump and this affects my blogging too. Recently I took almost a year off from blogging because I was in the worst reading slump ever and no reading means no blogging for me.

I googled during that time the most effective ways of getting out of a reading slump but realised half of them didn't work for me, and this got me thinking, 'what is the best way and most effective way of getting out of a reading slump?'. So ladies and gentleman, today I have concocted a little experiment (basically just a  poll) to see which method people find most effective when battling the dreaded reading slump.

So the contenders are...

Forcing yourself to read 

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get down to reading. This is the method I usually take but is it really the most effective? When I use this method I get maybe one or two books down before getting into another slump until I get myself out completely.

Inspiring Yourself to read

Another thing I usually do is inspire myself to read through reading blogs or watching youtube videos and again this is effective for one or two books at a time, but I then find myself sucked into the dark hole of youtube and can't get out again, never mind pick up a book.

Reread your favourite book

I don't usually reread books just because I don't want to ruin the magic I felt the first time I read them, and I also like to get through as many books as I can as fast as possible because life is too short!! But I know for some rereading their favourite book is a good way to reignite their love for reading.

Try a new genre

This can be a great way to get back into reading because its refreshing and you might even find your new favourite genre that you can dive further into!

Try an easy read

If you're already not in the mood to read then trying to read something complex and difficult can turn you away even more. Reading something easy and light that requires no effort is great for slipping back into reading  in general.

Listen to an audiobook

Audiobooks aren't for me, but just like the last suggestion, reading (or listening to a story) that requires little effort makes reading when you don't want to much more enjoyable.

Those are all the ways I could think of for getting out of a reading slump! Now I want to know what you think, leave a comment below telling me which way you think is the most effective or if you have any other methods that work for you and also if you want to vote in the poll below:

How do you get out of a reading slump?

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Happy reading!

-Lily x

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  1. I am always going to say rereading my favourite read is the best way for me. Because it's something I am GUARANTEED to like for sure, and also because I know it is going to make me excited about reading because my favourite reads have me fangirling and usually are backed by a fandom (at least, those are the ones I choose.) I try to choose the ones I know I will forever like - the best of the best - so the question of whether I will still enjoy them isn't of importance. And usually it gets me back into the swing of things. Otherwise, don't feel bad about waiting it out!

  2. I voted for "new genre" because that helps me. But reading a favorite works great too!
    Jen Ryland Reviews


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