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Hey everyone! Today I am going to discuss something that a lot of people want to know about. So we all want to read as much as we can whenever we can so I am going to tell you some of my tips on how to get the most out of your time reading wise.

Tip #1 -  Set a reading Schedule. Have a set time every day when you try to read as much as you possibly can whether it be for an hour of three. If it helps, get your mom, dad or even phone to tell you when you need to get some reading done. Set your alarm or tell your parents to warn you when 5 O'clock comes.

Tip #2 - When you have free time, see going on the computer or watching the TV as a bad thing. Whenever you have free time grab a book and don't stop until you're desperate to.

Tip #3 - If a book isn't working for you, STOP. If you're planning to read a lot this month then if you find yourself avoiding a book because it's boring or just not what you're looking for at the moment, stop reading it. If you're not enjoying a book it will take you much longer than it usually would, and in that time you would finish a few books. I usually wait until I'm 100 pages in and then I say, 'Do I want to continue with this book?'

Tip #4 - If you find yourself in a reading slump in the middle of a book or not, find a book that you enjoyed so so so much (for me it's Anna and the French Kiss) and re read it. If you loved it that much it should be easier to get you back into the reading Mojo and should get you more set up for other books.

Tip #5 - Participate in a readathon! I can guarantee you that at most points throughout the year there is a readathon on or coming up. They may not even be big or popular readathons but they still count. Readathons for me get me very competetive and just make me want to succeed so I find it's very good for me.


Tip #6 - Book treats. Okay so you may have seen this on a social media somewhere (I stole it from Instagram). If you're struggling with school reading of your textbook, get some small snacks (gummy bears or small wrapped chocolates are ideal) and after every paragraph or so, place the snack on the page and when you have read to the place where the gummy bear is, you get to eat the snack! It's meant to be motivating so it should be good.

Should look like this...

I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I hope you all give these tips a shot and I hope they work for you!

Lily x

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