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Hey guys! Today I didn't have any good ideas of what to post so I've decided that I would do the Characters Book Tag! So Let's get straight into it!

Question 1) Who is the best Kick-butt character?

A: I would probably have to say Alina from the Shadow and Bone series because she can use her power (the cut) to basically cut through things and she can kill and she's awesome so I pick Alina.

Question 2) Which character do you most dislike?

A: Probably Phoebe from The Evolution of Mara Dyer, she is creepy and rude and strange and just plain weird! Every scene she was in made me wish for the next or made me angry or scared and ugh I just hate her soooo much!

Question 3) If you could date any fictional character who would it be and why?

A: ÉTIENNE ST CLAIR, I REPEAT, ÉTIENNE ST CLAIR. Étienne is my fictional boyfriend so obviously I'd choose him. He is funny and witty and he seems like you could have an awesome time with him!

Question 4) If you could change a character in any way who would you change and why?

A: I would change Zoya from Shadow and Bone. I would still keep her Kick-Ass element but I would make her nicer. Simply because in the third book, Ruin and Rising, the scenes where she was nicer were awesome and she seems like a great character.

Question 5) What character do you think made all the wrong choices?

A: Nathan from Half Bad. I think he made some irrational decisions and he rushed into things and trusted some people who he maybe shouldn't have trusted in the first place.

Question 6) Which character is you favourite Villain who you love to hate?

A: The Darkling from yet again, Shadow and Bone. He is the main villain but you get to see that he has a good side and that he is a good person beneath. It also helps that he's good looking.

Question 7) Favourite side-kick character with the most heart?

A: Kim from If I stay. She stays with Mia and says some really supportive things to her even though right before that we see her tough exterior.

Question 8) What is your favourite fictional character romantic relationship?

A: #fourtris <4

Question 9) What character do you think was the strongest (not physically but mentally)?

A: Either Noah or Mara from the unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Because all the crazy stuff that happens in this book it's surprising when neither of them go crazy or commit suicide.

Question 10) Best Protagonist?

A: Tris Prior. I just love Tris she is awesome and yeah...

Okay well thanks for reading! If you finished the post and got to this point comment 'I really like chicken feet' so I can tell!

Lily x

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