Memory Lane Monday 08/09/14

by - 11:20

Hey guys so for this weeks Memory Lane Monday I am featuring the book:

Legend by Marie Lu! So here goes the questions!

1) You've got five words, describe the book!

A) An action packed teenage thriller.

2) Pick a quote, any quote from the book.

A) 'Forever and ever kid, until you get sick of seeing me.' -Metias

3) Hit, miss or meh?

A) Hit! This series is quite famous and I've heard rumours of it being optioned for a movie so that's awesome!

4) Best Quality or Worst Quality?

A) I am going to say best quality because I do think that the story could have been better and I think it didn't fully reach its potential but I did enjoy it and it certainly wasn't Worst quality.

5) Most memorable character?

A) Day. He is more significant in my memory than June and the others but definitely Day.

So that was it for this weeks Memory Lane Monday! See you next week,

Happy reading!

Lily x

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