Tag Tuesday: This or That Tag!

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Hey guys! So for this weeks Tag Tuesday I will be doing the This or That tag so here goes!

1) Audio or Book in hand?

A) Book in hand! I have never tried an audio book and I just love physical books anyway so yeah!

2) Soft Cover or Hardback?

A) Most of the time I prefer a soft cover because they're just easier to work with but I will get a hardback if it has a pretty cover!

3) Fiction or non-fiction?

A) uhh fiction duh

4) Fantasy world or real life issues?

A) I prefer fantasy because you have life to experience real life problems so why not just do something different?

5) Harry Potter or Twilight?

A) Harry Potter duh

6) Kindle, Ipad or other?

A) I prefer physical books but if it's kindle vs. Ipad I would say kindle because they're easier to hold in a 'readable' position.

7) Borrow or buy?

A) Buy. I like having my own copies of my book so that I can read them again and again and also my friends don't usually let me borrow their books!

8) Bookstore or online?

A) Although I love bookstores because you can get the books straight away, Online is often cheaper and you can guarantee that it will be there, in a bookstore you cannot be sure.

9) Tell me one time or total trilogy?

A) Most of the time when I read a stand alone I wish there was more and I love trilogies so the answer is simple.

10) Monster reads or short and sweet?

A) Monster reads! The more the better!

11) Starry eyed romance or full of action?

A) I have to say a bit of both! Books like Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout have so much action but the romance is amazing and it also plays a key part!

12) Curl up in your snuggie or bathe in the sun?

A) Curl up! I love curling up and reading it's the best feeling ever!

13) Hot Chocolate or latte?

A) Hot chocolate!

14) Read for review or decide for yourself?

A) If the book is a new release or when I finish it I feel specific things about it then I will review it but if it's a book I know I will enjoy I will decide for myself!

So those are the questions! See you next week for the next tag!

Happy Reading!

Lily x

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