Memory Lane Monday 1/09/14

by - 11:50

Hey guys! So for this weeks Memory Lane Monday I have chosen to talk about the book...

Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell!

1) You've got five words, describe the book.

A) A sweet and compelling read.

2) Pick a quote, any quote from the book.

A) Real life was something happening in her peripheral vision.

3) Hit, miss or meh?

A) Hit! Fangirl is really popular and it's my favourite of Rainbow's books!

4) Best quality or Worst quality.

A) Best! 

5) Most memorable character?

A) Levi! Levi is adorable I love him so much and he's not like your usual YA book love interest!

Okay so that was my memory lane monday of this week! Stay tuned for next week and happy reading!

Lily x

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