Stacking the Shelves 12/10/14

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Hello everyone! So it's that time of week again where I tell you the books/book swag I got this week! I got loads of Swag this week but only two books so here goes!

So on Saturday night I went to the Maze Runner fan party at Waterstones to celebrate the movie release so we were all given a goody bag and usually they give you a book or two in the bag but this time there wasn't one but we got tonnes more swag!

So here is a picture of all the swag. This is a picture from my Bookstagram (@chapterspageswords) that I took of all my swag. There where a few excerpts from We Were Liars and Half Bad but sadly I have read both of those so I don't really want these. There were five or six bookmarks, a couple of badges, a few book related postcards and a flyer for The Bane Chronicles. There was also a fangirl little notebook which in the middle had some reading group questions. Also there were two black wrist bands, one had #blackice on it which is obviously from Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick and there was also one that had a skull on it and the letters SP from Skulldugery Pleasant which I have not read and I do not see myself reading any time soon. Also in the bag there was a We Were Liars posters and also a Half Bad poster. The We Were Liars poster had a quote from the book on it and the Half bad one just had the over on it.
 It was actually reversible because it was black on one
side and white on the other.

I also from the event got a hardback copy of Endgame The Calling by James Frey because they had some offers on all teen fiction books. This book would've been £14.99 but it was half price so I got it
for £7.50.

And finally today I got a free eBook version of Dracula by Bram Stoker because in my English Class we are doing about horror motifs and looking at this book a lot so since it was free I decided to get it
but I got the pretty eBook copy even though whilst you're reading it you can't see the cover but oh well!

So those are all the bookish related stuff that I got this week! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you again next week!

Happy Reading!

Lily x

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