Why do I blog?

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I'm sure most of you have seen many posts like this in the last couple of weeks but if you haven't, here is the rundown, in the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of negative stuff going around the book blogging sphere and a lot of people seem unhappy which is not the goal of blogging and the blogosphere. The book blogging community is one of the most welcoming communities out there, whether you have a small blog or a huge blog no one is going to treat you differently but that seems to be what most people think at the moment.

I personally have not been part of this negativity but I know of it so that is why I am going to share the reasons as to why I blog. This post is inspired by the post that Kaitlin over at Reading is My Treasure did so I would love for you to check her post out because she explains this a lot better than I do and she is the reason I am writing this. You can check out her post 'Revisiting the Reasons Why I Love Blogging' here. So let's get into the reasons as to why I blog.

  • I love books
Shocker, I know. In all honesty I started this blog because of my love for books! I had no one else at my school or friends that had read the books that I'd read so I decided that I would find a way to discuss these books even if it meant that I'd do it with someone I didn't even know. I am by no means or standards a 'huge' blog but I never expected my blog to be read by over 1,000 people! As much as I love the warm fuzzy feeling when someone reads my blog that's not the best feeling out of the whole blogging experience. The best feeling for me is posting something that I am actually proud of and had fun to write.

  • I love sharing and recommending
I love to rave about the books I've recently read and loved! I love to tell you guys about these books because I like it when a books has been recommended to me and I love it! It just makes me happy to think that someone may or may not have read my post and thought 'Hey, I'll give that book a try!' and end up loving it!

  • I am opinionated
I am very opinionated and this blog is somewhere where I can express that in a fun way! That's why i do the booktalks. Not many bloggers do booktalks, only book reviews which is totally fine because everyone has their personal preferences but I love to do them because it means I get to share my options and discuss in general because sometimes (as most of you will know) the feels are just too strong to be ignored.

  • I've made friends!
The blogging community does not end at blogging. The blogging community is all over twitter, instagram and Tumblr! I have found so many friends (especially on instagram) that are in the blogging community and I love it! It's amazing when you find someone who you haven't even met with in real life and actually be able to have a good conversation with them because you have a blog!

  • Opportunities
By this I don't mean ARC's, I mean blog tours and book blitz's. Yes, ARC's may be a part of Blog Tours but the thing I enjoy about blog tours and blitz's is the fact that you have the opportunity to help an author or help someone discover their next favourite book. Also, it is a HUGE compliment to be accepted for one of these because to me when I get accepted it makes me feel like I've done something good on my blog. You can't expect to be accepted for a tour/blitz as soon as you start you blog and I kind of love that! With blogging you work hard but the rewards and opportunities you get for doing so are what make the hard work seem enjoyable!

Now you know why I blog. Now let's look at the things I do not blog for...

  • ARC's
As lovely as it would be to receive an ARC, I cannot stress enough that this is at the very bottom of my list of things that make me want to blog. I do not blog to get freebies because if I did then my blog would no longer be alive. I have only ever been accepted for one ARC as part of a blog tour but that hasn't stopped me and it never will.

  • 'Fame'
I'm not going to lie and say that I don't do my blog in the hopes that it will become big because I do want my blog to become big and I think that's what everyone wants, but there is a difference between wanting your blog to be successful and making a blog in order to be successful and I most definitely fall in the former.

  • Money
I have no intention of EVER making money off my blog. My blog is a hobby not a job and I intend to keep it that way. I do not do this blog because I one day hope to make a living on it.

So those are the reasons why I blog and the things that I do not blog for. I hope you enjoyed this post and for anyone who is feeling down about their blog and the blogging community...

Happy Reading!

Lily x

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  1. I definitely don't blog for ARCs ahha. I barely even get physical copies, but I do admit that I mean pretty addicted to NetGalley - oops! Definitely blogging for the atmosphere, sharing I just love to put my thoughts regarding a book on paper! :D Nice post!

    1. Thanks! and yes sometimes once in a while I just go crazy on Netgalley but I don't get many physical copies either which I am totally fine with!

  2. This was such a lovely post <3 I loved the reason why you blog. Yes, it's good that you blog to be in a community with people who like reading and blogging about it as well! I know I started my book blog because I like to read as well ;) And it's awesome sharing your own opinions as well. You're also really right - it isn't for money fame or those other things.

    1. Thank you! It makes me sad when I see people discouraged because their blog isn't what they hoped it would be but I know how hard it can be when you don't get the arc you wanted or something like that but it shouldn't stop people from blogging


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