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Today I have decided that I am going to do the Disney Princess book tag even though I wasn't tagged because that's how I roll. Anyway, I wanted to do this tag because I really liked the questions and I am sucker for anything Disney!

This tag was created by Of Stacks and Cups and you can find the original tag here

Snow White
Name Your Favourite Classic

I don't read many classics at all by I did a while ago (and I mean a while ago) read Little Women by Louisa M Alcott and I remember enjoying it. Obviously I was not crazy in love with it but I did enjoy it at the time of reading it.


 Pick a book that kept you reading well past your bedtime

I cannot tell you how many hours of sleep I lost due to this book. I stayed up past 4 am reading this beauty one night and I DO NOT REGRET A THING. I would be honoured to give up sleep for these AMAZING BOOKS

Name your favourite classic romance

I read Much Ado About Nothing for school and I remember liking the comical aspects to Benedict's and Beatrice's relationship when we read it and it has stuck with me ever since.

Name a book that's about making sacrifices and fighting for your dreams

Celaena has made so many sacrifices in and before this book and she has to make even more in order to reach her 'dream' of being free so she is a perfect example for this.

Name a book with a smart and independant female character

June from Legend is so independent especially when her brother dies. She goes on missions on her own and is a ruthless killer as well as being smart and calculating.

Name a book whose character challenges the social conventions of their world

Lena from Delirium by Lauren Oliver is a perfect answer for this because she challenges the social conventions of her world by rebelling against having her ability to love taken away which in this book is the norm!

Name a book that had a rollercoaster ending

Oh boy. This book in general was a rollercoaster but the ending with all the emotions and secrets and revelations was just the epitome of book rollercoaster and if you've read this book then you'll know what I mean...

Name a book featuring war or battles

At the end of this book there is a KILLER battle scene that is just absolutely crazy from start to finish but the thing I liked about this scene in particular is that one, it didn't end the way I expected and two, it was not only crazy because of the battle but so much other stuff was going on at the same time and IT WAS JUST CRAZY AMAZING.

Name a book featuring a hardworking, self-made character

For this I have to say Feyre from ACOTAR because she fends not only for herself but for her family too. She feeds them and is basically their mother whilst at the same time being a super skilled huntress with some amazing archery skills.

Name a book featuring an artist

I have to go with Confess by the one and only Colleen Hoover because the artwork in this book is phenomenal and it adds so much to the story and makes it not only an amazing book but an amazing experience too.

Name a book with a mother-daughter relationship

Throughout this entire series we hear a lot about Katy and her relationship with her mother and it becomes very relevant as the series goes on. I really enjoyed the relationship between these two characters in this book which is why it stood out to me.

Anna and Elsa
Name a book that features a great relationship between siblings

Once again I have to go with Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout because DEE AND DAEMON ARE THE BEST SIBLINGS EVER I LOVE IT TOO MUCH. They balance each other out with Dee's sometimes overbearing personality and Daemon's mean side yet at the same time they both care for each other so much and they fit into this book flawlessly!

I tag...
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That's all for this post! I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you again soon!

Happy Reading!

Lily x

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  1. YAY! This looks like so much fun! Totally agree that Dee and Daemon :)

    1. Dee and Daemon will forever be my favourite book siblings!


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