Introducing... SIX STAR BOOKS!

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Because of the title of this post you're probably thinking... can't give books six stars . Oh but I CAN!

When I rate books I often rate them on my reading experience straight after I finish it and then look into the finer things (writing, characters, plot etc) when I am writing a review but even though I'm delving into my thoughts about said book more deeply I often don't change my rating. What I'm trying to say is I rate book by experience. (You can read more about this here)

By doing this I rate many books five stars and I think that by doing this I have abused my ability to reward five stars to books.

Let's use P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han as an example of a five star book. I gave this book five stars because I enjoyed reading it and I didn't have any issues with it whilst reading it.

But at the same time, A Court of Thorns and Roses was an example of a six star book. By this I mean I gave it five stars because IT WAS A MASTERPIECE AND I LOVED IT AND THE FEELS. I didn't give it five stars simply because I couldn't see an issue with it, I gave it five stars because it gave me all the feels and I considered it to be one of my new all time favourite books.

By giving both these books five stars I have annoyed myself because I feel like now I've given P.S I Still Love You five stars (still an awesome book, no hate) I feel like by giving ACOTAR five stars I haven't done it justice. This my friends is where the six star books come in.

For those books that I have had no problem with at all I will give five stars but for those books that have blown me away I will give six stars. This way I can rage about the six star book whilst at the same time giving perfectly good books a five star rating!

That's all for this post! I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you again soon!

Happy Reading!

Lily x

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