Authors I've Never Been Able To Get Into

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I'm pretty lenient when it comes to books and my feelings about them. I am open to many genres and many authors and I often give books a high rating, even my goodreads average rating is 4.32 stars. Despite this, I am still human so there are some authors that I just can't get into. Most of these are not due to the books but mainly myself because I often tend to give up on books and soon as I can if I don't see myself enjoying them because I am a strong believer in that there is not enough time for bad books, so by no means are these bad authors, it just my personal experience with their works.

Jennifer E Smith
I first tried This is What Happy Looks Like and I just couldn't get into it. I found it unbelievable and also I didn't connect with the characters. After trying this book I shied away from trying any of Jennifer's other works but I recently tried to read the book she is probably most known for, The
Statistical Probability of Love, but I had the same case as I did with This Is What Happy Looks Like so I don't think I'll be coming back to Jennifer E Smith any time soon.

Rick Yancey
The Fifth Wave is such a big and loved book in the YA genre but I just couldn't bring myself to love it! By this I mean that I tried to enjoy it as much as everyone said I should but I just ended up being
confused and frankly bored throughout the book. The one thing I did like about the book was Cassie, she was a great strong female character but unfortunately that was not enough to make me enjoy this book.

Gayle Forman
Now, you're probably thinking 'Lily, you've given these books quite nice reviews?? How can you not like Gayle Forman's books?'. That is true, I have given all of the Gayle Forman books I've read three stars but I have never fully enjoyed these books. I give them higher ratings because of Gayle's writing
and her plot lines but I am never really attached to the characters or the relationships she creates which is something that makes the difference between appreciating a book and loving/enjoying a book.

Lauren Oliver
Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the Delirium trilogy, they were all solid 4 star books but I wasn't mad about any of them and it just went downhill from there. I next read from Lauren 'Panic' which I was really disappointed in. The plot, which had so much potential, flopped for me, the characters were
EXTREMELY unrealistic and annoying and it was just overall disappointing for me. Next I went onto Vanishing Girls which was interesting but again, I felt detached from the characters and haven't spared this book a single thought since finishing it probably almost a year ago.

Scott Westerfeld 
I have only fully read one book by Scott Westerfeld which was Afterworlds which, if you were reading my blog back in late 2014, I was HYPING and going ABSOLUTELY CRAZY over. I want to read it so so bad and when I did I quite frankly was disappointed. I found both halves of the story
boring at different times, I didn't like the main character and the only thing that I felt was redeeming about this book was the relationship. I have tried to get into Uglies a few times now and I just can't and I also have Zeroes that I have lost all kind of interest in.

So there are five authors that I just can't get into! I am by no means saying that there works are absolute rubbish and that everyone will hate them, this is just me stating why I did not like them and I of course will not have the same opinion as everyone else, but that is all for this post!

Happy Reading!
Lily x

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  1. I think it was interesting to read this post because there are always unpopular opinions and I like knowing when I am not the only one who has a problem with that author versus the 1000x people who love them! I haven't tried any books by ANY of these authors... but one author I just can't get into is John Green.


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